Acre of Diamonds

Dedicated to Finding Your Monies
Brian Kaskie
Inheritance Investigator
Nevada, California, Washington

I have been blessed to create successful internet companies, build other casino marketing companies, and now, I use my skills finding monies for clients that did not know have inherited and ultimately "heired".  I spearhead this efficient yet powerful investigative network with one mission...preparing your paperwork, getting into your hands for proper signatures, submitting to the state treasury department and getting your check. As many of these cases are over 5 years old, the last thing you want to do is wait.  Hire me to get done now, before it is too late.


We research, find and execute in finding monies that are due you.  Rarely are you ever aware that you are an "heir" to someone or something.  Value ranges from $25 - $2M. And, we do all the work and receive 10% AFTER you get your check!

What's Next?
  1. Provide your full name by calling me, sending me an email, Facebook message or through Linked In.

  2. Within 24 hours I will know if you have inheritance monies in Nevada or other states

  3. When you do, we establish a simple one-page agreement for our group to research and obtain your unclaimed property. Agreement is that you will compensate our group 10% of your claim AFTER you get your check.

  4. We send you Claim Documentation via email; you authorize and have document "notarized" and return originals to us.

  5. Will keep you updated on the timing of the check.

  6. You can do all the research, submit paperwork on your own but rest assured, for no mistakes and peace of mind, I can handle the work.  So, decide how quickly do you want your monies!

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