What is Inheritance Investigator

When I share what I "do" many people cannot believe it. They say, "you research if anyone has left them money and arrange for them to get it back?" Yes, it is like that. With social media, google and other search networks available, I have created a pocket of work that we all need - To see if you have an inheritance of some kind.

I know there are scams but legitimate investigators NEVER ask for the following:

1. Credit Card

2. Social Security Number

3. Money up-front

We only confirm WHO you are...and the rest is on us. Sure, we have to confirm you are not lying to us but we surely will NOT ask for any money. It is rare to be an Investigator as we work on "Consignment". Simply put, we get paid when YOU GET PAID. States have different levels of payment as Nevada allows for 10% of the asset and Arizona investigators are able to obtain 30%.

Check out your investigator by looking at his Linked In profile, website, and or other social media like Facebook. They are NOT hidden as they want everyone to know what they do and not hide the fact of their profession.

Contact me now to get the real story and find your monies! - Brian

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